Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pink Rain

Disney Roller Girl asks "is there more blossom in London than ever before?” Indeed that is how it looks, the city is awash with blossom, dare I say more than Japan. It is not that there is more, although each tree is bent low with the stuff. It is that it has all come out at the same time, normally the blossom season is staggered. But the whole lot has come out at once and it really is a vision. London has to be the winner when it comes to spring time its summer may suck but it is looking amazing now. Returning from an impromptu gathering with my family last night, Kitty declared that London was quite the most beautiful city in the world, which was quite profound. The view across the river from the train is spectacular on a very balmy spring afternoon.
I had a very brief home alone moment last week, and so I grabbed a last minute ticket to see Parlour Song really, really funny, brilliantly acted especially Toby Jones. I laughed so hard I cried! It is on at the Almeida which I had not been to before, what a wonderful theatre.
My mother once owned a flat on Colebrook Row, I love the area, and now there are even lovelier shops stretching alone Upper Street. Sadly what has disappeared is the ‘local’ all the pubs are now overpriced under lit bars which made for a depressing drink. But so far this week has been good.


La Belette Rouge said...

Pink rain and art shows? You are so making me want to come to London. We are having a heat wave here in L.A. It got up to 100 degrees here this week. The only thing pink is my cheeks from huffing at this early summer.

materfamilias said...

That's a scrumptious photo! Sounds as if you're weeks ahead of us, blossom-wise, but it's really beginning to happen here as well. Like you, we do spring very well on the wet West Coast, and I love the spectacle.
And speaking of spectacles, I should probably get some pointers from you about seeing shows while we're in London. You seem rather genius at taking advantage of the city life. We're hoping to do it without breaking the bank. Last time I was there with my daughter, we managed to see Derek Jacobi in something I can't remember AND we stood all the way through King Lear at The Globe. Excruciating, though the play was great -- our legs were screaming for a sit-down by the end and then it poured during the last 30 minutes! Still worth it, though, and obviously memorable.