Monday, 20 April 2009

Kitty calling

The phone rings, I let it ring, it stops then rings again, somehow I can sense the urgency this time so I run upstairs and pick up.

Kitty “mummy, mummy, Daisy has taken my pocket money”
Me “well I will give it back to you tomorrow from dad’s money”
Kitty “no, you don’t understand, she has taken money from my piggy bank, she’s taken over £25!”
Me “why would she do that?”
Kitty “she said she had to buy her friend a present, then she would give me back the money”
Me “when you come home I will make sure she gives you back the money”
Kitty “she’s a fucking cow, I hate her, she should not take my money”
Me “is Daisy there?”
Kitty “yes, here”
Me “Daisy you should not just help yourself to Kitty’s money”
Daisy “Jesus mum it was only £40”
Daisy “don’t you start, it’s not like I am not going to pay her back, I just needed to get my friend a present, my other friends will give me the money back on Monday”
Me “why did you not just ask?”
Daisy “because she would just say no, and I had to get this present”
Me “Daisy you must not just help yourself to other peoples money”
Daisy “how was I to know she would check”
Me “Daisy you are missing the point, do not take money without asking”
Daisy “Kitty you’re a fucking bitch for telling on me”
In the background they started another slanging match; Kitty tells everyone who will listen.
Daisy was lectured by her father, nanny and various aunts and uncles, but not once did she apologise, all she did was curse her bad luck that Kitty decided to pay for her haircut out of her savings*. When it transpired this is why she knew the money was missing she called Kitty a ‘mug’ for not blagging the money from her father for the haircut like she always does!

* Kitty and Daisy get a fiver a week from their father as well as odds and sods from his huge family.
Daisy is permanently broke, whereas Kitty never spends a penny, and consequently she has a traditional piggy bank with about £100 of notes and change.

P.S Daisy has been really, really good recently. She is great company and even more amazing she has been revising! but this is oh so typical of her cavalier attitude towards Kitty.

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materfamilias said...

I would not live these years again for all the riches in wherever, but it is entertaining to read about them here -- sorry for chuckling at your expense, but I can't help it. . .