Wednesday, 15 April 2009


is a horrible word and yet encompasses all that we have done this week. Kitty above is modeling her night to day wear outfit whilst allowing the dog who thinks it's a cat to lounge on her lap, breaking the cardinal rule of 'no dogs on the sofa'
My view of the mutt is this, whilst out he operates on two speeds, gallop or trot. A casual walk appears to be an anathema and so I semi jog twice round the park.
Which is probably why I can fit back into these. It has been a long time since I have worn jeans but I decided to bite the bullet and buy some for the holiday. Denim plus the seaside is a pretty ubiquitous combination and whilst I have an abundance of denim skirts I do shy away from jeans. 
This is strange because before I became a Head of Department I wore nothing but jeans. My colleagues jokingly asked if even they were seasonally adjusted. Well obviously! They think I am strange the way I rotate my clothes seasonally. But to me wool and cashmere for the winter and silk and linen for the summer is a no brainer. Their idea of seasonal adjustment is to stick a cardie on. 
 I could not face GAP this time and managed to find a perfect pair in M&S Autograph section, the only ones without  creases. Very slightly bootleg I bought extra long so that I could turn them up. This is perfect for wearing with walking boots or flip flops.
 I came back home to rotate my wardrobe and found this GAP pair languishing unloved. They fitted perfectly, and they are light enough for the summer, which of course will be baking.
On Sunday I went up to London with mother. All the shops were shut but we did finally make it to Whitechapel to see the refurbished gallery.
The Isa Genzken exhibition is a mixed bag, I would have loved to have taken some photographs of her glass constructions which were beautiful but her work upstairs was less engaging. I felt I was missing the joke. Other work on display were interesting and best of all like so many places it was free. 
After a long bus ride back mother decided she wanted to eat, not just a bog standard sandwich, but proper food. Everywhere seemed closed being Easter Sunday, however I had a brainwave and went up to the top of the National Portrait Gallery where this restaurant is. 
Stunning views wonderful food it is everything that The National Dining rooms is not, If you want to sit and look at a wonderful view, this is the place.
My book for the holiday was Kingdom by the Sea by Louis Theroux.
 It was a bit turgid at times but the subject matter managed to triumph over his rather dry writing style in the end. The book was written way back in the eighties and reflects the era well especially his trip around Northern Ireland. As someone who has visited most of Britiain's coastline I did not feel he understood or came close to understanding our relationship with the coast. 
Growing up in towns many miles from the seas I crave it which is why we so often spend time there in my holidays. If I was given a choice I often wonder if it is where I would like to live. 
We have all decided on Suffolk next year, we have all been, but not for a long time and so I am currently trying to find a place in Aldburgh or Orford. I can smell the sea already!


La Belette Rouge said...

The picture of Kitty is absolutely gorgeous. I am mad for the dog waling picture. I absolutely love it and it is not just because it is a dog. I just love the photo.

indigo16 said...

Thank you.
Setting the camera onto Black & White makes a big difference, you should try it with Lily, being white she will look lovely.