Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The View From Here

And so I packed my bags for a week by the sea. During the car journey up Daisy let me know that they did not appoint anyone for the Head of Art post, which made me feel strangely lighter. The reason they gave for my rejection was apparently I rather cavalierly announced that I felt that drawing should underpin the syllabus and IT should be discreet. This was it seems contrary to what they wanted and so I was rejected. What is it with Head Teachers and IT? What a bunch of Muppets.
We arrived via a delicious pub lunch which set the tone for the week. 
Not of course without incident. Could my life ever be without incident? No sadly not. My mission was to put Daisy and Kitty on a train leaving from York station at 8am on Thursday morning. They were to go to Kings Cross and make their way to Waterloo where they were to connect onto a train to Poole where they would go to the registry office to watch their father marry. The blessing would follow on the Saturday where they were both bridesmaids. We had the tickets, I checked they had the tickets, but due to some mothering insouciance I placed the tickets in Kitty's hand bag nestling next to her MP3 player, book, spare £60 and DS. No one could leave without such a bag could they?
 Well we were up at 5am and out by 5.40am, it should have been 5.30am but Kitty had a bad hair moment. 45min's into the journey Kitty whispers something to Daisy, 
Daisy shrieks "STOP THE CAR" It is only now that we all realise Kitty left her bag hanging on the banister. I bang my head on the wheel and cry. Months of planning lay in tatters. I turn the car around to go back, it is obvious we will not make it now and so  I decide they can get a train later. My mother who came with me decides they should go, so I drive. 
At the station we are told that the best way for them to travel is via Reading and Winchester it costs £105. The train leaves in 7 min's they get on it, get a cab just in time to the registry office. My mother paid, I cried, Kitty cried. The original cost was £40. 
Today, less than a week later Kitty asked if we could go shopping for her spring clothes in Zara!!! God give me strength.
I found it hard to unwind on holiday but returning home I have slept deeply, no Emin to fidget and  no Lelya bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, they are having fun in Istanbul instead.

The house from the rear

Gull's are everywhere. Although remarkably nicer than there St Ives cousins

Lots of beautiful houses. Sadly ours was pretty grim inside

One for Materfamilias knits

Tide out

Cute streets & houses
Neighbours, spot the whale bones

The house from the front

Fossil hunting

Where I would like to live

The view from here

Tide in

Blackthorn everywhere

The weather was amazing, not a heat wave but glorious blue skies. It is a wonderful place to stay and I found an Amonite and a Belamite. We are daughters of a Paleontologist and it is in our blood I guess.
Whilst Leyla is away I am luxuriating on her Mac PC what an awesome piece of equipment it is. The rest of the photos are on Flickr.


materfamilias said...

You always have the best stories -- probably not much solace to you since they often come from domestic disasters, but they do make great entertainment for your readers -- I can absolutely imagine leaving behind the bag with the tickets!
I'm seriously thinking, after clicking on the link in your last post, of heading up to Robin's Hood Bay for a day or two between London and Birmingham early June. My rellies are around Middlesborough so it would work. And to answer your question left on my post, no, we haven't booked for London yet, but have a few spots bookmarked. Plan to be there May 28th to 31st, and will definitely have time for coffee or wine or whatever. I'd love to meet you!
And thanks for taking a special photo just for me and my knitting!

indigo16 said...

Yeah to having a drink, wow so soon as well. I am glad I have tempted you to 'The Bay; It is wonderful.
Having lived in London for so long I have never stayed anywhere here I hope you find something. There is a Travel Lodge near the Tate Modern which my mother stayed in once but I suspect it will be booked or worse a little too corporate.