Sunday, 19 April 2009

Must see exhibitions

David Wootton, a writer and researcher who helped curate the exhibition, which opens in London next week, said the aim was to show the full range of Beaton's work. As a young man Beaton was transfixed by glamour but as he matured some of his best photographs would be of old people as they were, capturing their spirit. more from here

Chris Beetles Gallery
I am very much looking forward to seeing this exhibition.

Including some esoteric images such as this

as well as more iconic one such as this one

Another must see is CINDY SHERMAN   SPR√úTH MAGERS LONDON   APRIL 16 - MAY 27 2009
The gallery is housed in a beautiful old regency building and I have wanted to see some Cindy Sherman images for sometime now. After this I will walk down to the london art fair to see Photo50 works


materfamilias said...

Darn! Both of these will be over before I get to London -- but I know there'll be others . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

You know how to make me jealous. Cecil and Cindy???? Lucky ducky.