Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Advanced style

Oh that top, that necklace she looks divine.
Sartorialist is always the best street style blog for me, but if you want a change....

Advanced Style Is pretty good too.

My cup of sartorial joy brims over with the discovery of Ari Cohen's blog, Advanced Style, which chronicles the style of the chicest, wackiest and best dressed of America's older generation. Here you will find inspiration from vintage style mavens, ranging from 93-year-old model Mimi Weddell, to a dude from Seattle whose fine legs are displayed in stockings and who is topped off with a blazer and cap. Then there's fabric designer Elizabeth Sweetheart, who dresses entirely in green - a different outfit every day. She was recently profiled in New York magazine where she explained the genesis of her eccentric but bizarrely successful look. "I began wearing green nail varnish and it just spread all over me."

From yesterdays Guardian

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La Belette Rouge said...

I love this. It is so wonderful to see "Vintage style". Really inspiring.