Sunday, 28 June 2009

This much I know

  • I am happier at school than at home. Life is just toooo frenetic here and yet whenever I pick up the girls and they ask "so mum what did you do at the weekend"I can only think of going to the gym, food shopping,walking the dog, washing and catching up with DVDs. Some how I get more done at work (and that does not include the teaching bit) before 3pm than I achieve in a whole weekend here.
  • I just do not like (and it pains me to say this) silver sandals. I have tried on many pairs and it just looks like I have laced tin foil around my foot. Back to black.
  • Leyla will need at least 10 years of therapy to get over the damage done by Emin's ridiculously pushy parenting, the child will be a monster. My heart bleeds
  • Every day I waste hours dreaming of how I would leave Emin if I won the lottery. I don't even play the bloody lottery.
  • I hate photo realist painting. The BP awards at the NPG is full of the stuff. It is utterly gruesome. Take a bloody photo. It's like saying "oooh look everyone I am sooo clever" No you are not real talent is Frank Auerbach portrait of Catherine Lampert.
  • I did gain some solace in the rooms upstairs. Take a deep breath and smell that eau 'age both paintings and visitors. I also finally got the outfit spot on. A very billowy black silk skirt, green silk top and a very very old grey cardie. On EBay it would be classed as vintage it is one of those old thermal jigsaw ones. You know it's old because it has the wide velvet trim with cotton lace. Rather than the cheap ribbon and nylon lace they used as the cardies became more popular
  • David Sedaris is a wise man. I did find his most recent book When You Are Engulfed In Flames a bit maudlin but a recent interview with him did answer one question I too wanted to ask. "Yet even though he has had a home here for the past six years, British stories never feature in his writing. The reason, he smiles, is quite simple: "To me a lot of what happens here is funny because of the way that it's said, and there are certain accents I can imitate, but I can't sustain any kind of British accent" Plus this advice which is maybe stating the obvious but I like it anyway "Oh no," he says at once. "I don't think my life is more interesting than anybody else's.
    I think the only difference between me and everyone else is this ... [he reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a small notepad] I write things down. That's all." read the rest here


La Belette Rouge said...

This line gives me hope:I think the only difference between me and everyone else is this ... [he reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a small notepad] I write things down. That's all."

I love this post. I love the randomness of it and how it seems to be unintentional. These are things you know and not anything more than that. Really. I just love it.

As a survivor of a bad father I can tell you, yes I have a decade of therapy, but because of him I am funny, love words, and I look for depth and never settle for surface. There are gifts that Lelya will get from her father, no matter how bad he is.

I wish I could send you a lottery ticket.

indigo16 said...

Finally reading this comment so late. It is good to know that you enjoyed the randomness. I like to think of myself as a Polymath but I suspect i am just incoherent!