Thursday, 18 June 2009

Where does the time go?

The smell of Elderflower can transport me straight back to my youth to when I lived in a small West Yorkshire village. I love it's tangy aroma as the tiny flowers explode. My father once went through a brew your own phase. So keen was he that he once made dozens of bottles of Elderflower wine, only somewhere along the line he made an error because I came down stairs one morning  to see the racks of bottles filled with the magnetic activity of teeny tiny fruit flies. What a waste! My middle sister has taken this baton and perfected the art, she makes something out of nothing most weeks and I suspect may go for a road kill casserole one of these days!
So where the bloody hell did my week go? Moderating that's where, look the word up in the dictionary and you will find it is also commonly known as migraine. For where a moderator goes a migraine is sure to follow. A years work judged in a few short hours. But it is over for another year. Now I just have to display the work, accept the plaudits and move on.
I also had the privilege of filling a 6 yard skip with the contents of our driveway. Oh lucky, lucky me. Emin helped of course but oh, did I ache, really really ache. Add to that heady mix of stress and strain one of those 'where is this relationship going' heated debates and my cup runeth over with joy. 
This relationship is in essence over, but of course the tangled web of finances mean we are inextricably linked at least for the next 4 bloody years. Then I have promised my self I MUST take my leave. So we live in a kind of weird limbo, I say little, he just bitches along in his mindless juvenile way. 
So now we have THREE unfinished projects to walk around. 
I have come to the conclusion that the death knell to any relationship is the 'working from home syndrome' I feel sure we could have limped on if he was not in my face 24/7. Such is life, it is just a shame it is mine.
If anyone is in London for the next couple of months promise me faithfully you will go and see A Winters Tale currently on at the Old Vic. It is AWESOME. Seriously, just brilliant. Inspired direction and interpretation and Ethan Hawke hamming it up as a strolling Bob Dylanesque minstrel is a hoot. It is moments like that, that make life worth living, (if that does not sound a shade too maudlin.) 
Tomorrow I am going to the V&A for a school trip and next week the  NPG so you see it is not all bad. Then before long Alls Well That Ends Well at the National. Yep I am a bit of a Shakespeare junkie at the moment.
Right now I am basking in an unexpected gift of peace. Lelya is at Tai Kwando and for some weird reason Kitty went to watch, Daisy is still at school and Emin oh joy, is actually on site working, hark the sound of a glass of Rose port being poured, sounds odd but I bet it will taste divine.
Now to catch up with all those blogs.


La Belette Rouge said...

I missed you!! Happy to see you back.:-)

Jeeze, poor you. Are you okay about the breakup? This can't be an easy time. Please know I am thinking of you and sending lots of love.

indigo16 said...

Sadly there will never be a break up whilst Leyla is around, I just cannot leave her, so we coexist in sniper land!

auntiegwen said...

I empathise, the things we do for our children, you staying for her and me sending my love away for mine x