Saturday, 20 June 2009

A day at the V&A

And STILL the bloody cast room is not ready, how long does it take to give a room a lick of paint?
I did rather like the contrast of the casts with the packaging

That one down there is one of my favourites, I did manage to take a few images on my Pentax which I will edit on Monday. The primary reason for going was to get my sixth formers out into the big wide world and see some photography in one of the galleries. The V&A has a superb collection most of it sadly not on display. However you can of course sit in the print room and order certain prints which will be brought to your table for your perusal , how lovely is that?

I also rather liked the contrast of the plants with the red brick work in the courtyard. 

Now long time followers of this blog will know that I am obsessed with stripes, I love this glass sculpture hidden away upstairs in the glass room, like a fool I was in such a hurry I did not make a note of who made it, but I do remember it was a Japanese artist.
Would that I could afford one of these beautiful  dresses from last years fashion graduate RCA show

By Lea Carreno, you can see more of her work here

I also love this collar by Eylem Binboga, I could not find any other information other than this bangle, she too graduated from the RCA.

Finally this necklace by Sarah Cavender is just lovely, not a bad price either at £95 on sale in the excellent V&A shop which is worth a trip by itself


materfamilias said...

Hey! I saw that dress at the V&A! Fun to think I was so recently where you were. Wish we'd spent more time at the V&A -- just have to put it on the list for next time.
I love that glass piece, and I also love the brickwork exterior you've captured backdropping the foliage.

Seth said...

Love the quirkiness that is the V & A. Thanks for bringing me back there.