Saturday, 6 June 2009

Royal College of Art

Post graduate degree show. Sadly despite my best efforts I was unable yo make it, but the web site is finally more comprehensive and you can at a push get a feel for the work on show this year. The following works is by the people I would snap up if I had a gallery, or better still enough money to do a Saatchi and buy the lot! have a look on their website for lots more

First up are these monumental prints by Claas Gutsche

Taking its subject matter from where suburbia meets the natural landscape, my work is concerned with the human living space as an alien, unsafe space, in which what is behind the curtain of an ideal world can sometimes be more threatening than the world outside.
Common to my work is the interest in narration and the subversive view of beauty in landscape, as well as an unease and uncertainty about the space or place.
I am interested in the contradiction between the beauty of the surroundings and the actuality of its past, a space where the viewer can feel a tension, a darkness just below the surface.

I likes these beautiful Photograms by Lewis Ronald

Making art is like finding a shortcut. Not because resolving something creatively makes life easier but because it gives you that magical feeling of finding something new in the middle of something known. Shortcuts bring things together. They do so differently, efficiently and in a more surprising way than before. I like being surprised, and I find the world to be a surprising place of things. My favourite things today are: tangrams, bilderr├Ątsel, Architectural Rescue, headless chicken, the letter X, line drawings, paisley, stationery shops and wheels.

Some richly layered prints by Lucy Farley, who also has a print in the Royal Academy Summer Show

The fragments of memory, past sensations and experiences, that are associated with a particular urban or natural landscape, form the basis of my work.

Through repeated drawing, the images are built up from a series of quick and impulsive responses, which conjure up the spirit of a place and time, and reflect a state of mind.

The finished work is a combination of three or four layered plates that are both painted and etched

Finally Suzi Tibbetts, who should get a prize for sheer inventiveness, Daisy,

would love this...

Instead of seeing this I finally went to the British Museum to see Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur. THE COLOURS just amazing.

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