Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Where to begin, well finally my scanner is now up and fully functioning. So faced with a plethora of negatives to reacquaint myself with where did I begin?
Well My sadly far too over developed film of my visit 10 years ago to Busan in South Korea.
I could have wept when I did it, the negatives are completely black. I even went to a specialist printer to get help but we had very limited success. So they have languished in my folder a memory of what could have been.

They are of an old temple that I found at the end of a tube line, it was a short walk into the mountains and the view was stunning, The temple was beautifully weathered and still used by the Buddhist monks. I cannot believe how lucky I am to get these images from the darkness. They appear quite grainy and have been heavily photoshopped, but I feel the means justifies the end in this case.
I actually love the graininess and I will print them very small on matt linen paper and frame them with a large mount to emphasise their delicacy.

So now I have managed to retrieve these I will be archiving some of my past successes and more mediocre efforts.
You can see more of this series on Flickr.


Charlotte K said...

these have a very special quality (engraving?) that they wouldn't have had if they were better negatives. I really love the one with the veil of magnolias.

indigo16 said...

Amazingly, that is my favourite one too. They are still a bit pale. They looked darker once I had done them. I would love to see them engraved.