Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lessons I have learned

From trawling the Sartorialist back catalogue on I have taught myself that it is better to invest in the following;
Narrow trousers cut 2 inches above the ankle, this keeps the trouser from getting wet and soggy in our ubiquitous rainy weather, but looks good peeking out from...

A really gorgeous, fabulous coat. Lets face it how often do we get to go out without one. 

Finally last but not least  truly lovely scarf, big and thick to make a dramatic statement.

alternatively wear the whole lot together.

So why did I go out and buy a pair of slate grey linen shorts on sale in GAP yesterday? Well for one the colour is lovely and goes with everything. Also they fit like a glove and because I do have a half way descent set of pins they flatter. So all I need now is some hot weather! 
Ever the optimist but rest assured if it ever arrives sans the bloody relentless north westerly wind I will be ready to go.
Zara is currently my choice of shop for trousers and they currently have some lovely narrow ones, the down side is they are cut to be worn with vertiginous heels so I will have to cut 5 inches off the hem to create my Sartorialist look. As well as save up for a coat and get searching for some scarves to add to my collection. 

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materfamilias said...

Very useful the way you have collated the Sartorialist's lessons -- Since I'm so short, I'm not so sure about having too much ankle exposed, but I agree that it's a much more practical length. I like that clean, polished look of fab coat, slim legs, and great scarf.
But I also get the impulse that made you ignore all that and buy the shorts -- too often, I struggle between what I know will be the smartest additions to my wardrobe and what just grabs me -- I wish you much sunshine to flash your "pins" in!