Friday, 2 October 2009

Anish Kapoor

I did not expect much, I went to the teachers evening which was very civilized. the down side was Leyla came. She was utterly charming, a model of inquisitive educated articulate young adult. UNTIL she saw the shop. Every bloody time she sees a shop she gets the desire to squander money. Time and time again I fall for it, but no more. Everything she buys lays around her bedroom until they are so beyond their original function I bin them. She gets no pleasure out of the purchase other than the cheap thrill of the transaction. I have learnt to give her a set amount and let her choose. This time I was caught by surprise. After my resounding NO she then sulked, then hid, then refused to come out of the toilet. A full hour went by whilst I waited for her to agree to leave the building.
Inside I am screaming, but being in so public a place I am outwardly calm, I appear pragmatic, patient and in control. Oh the truth was so different. My silent menace did eventually seep through and she reverted to a model child on the way home.
I have done this painful activity with all of them, so often, it is agony, but Daisy swears that it is/was worth it That something is learnt. But what price my sanity?

It was such a beautiful dusk as well.
Tomorrow I will go to a crammer school to enrol Daisy and throw away £1000. yep that is the price it costs to get one bone idle good for nothing teenager to buckle down and work. She is driving me insane. I can cope with open defiance..just. But this slow dripping tap of wasted opportunity is just draining my resolve. So instead of begging, pleading and cajoling each and every night for her to just do some bloody work, I will throw money at the problem, assuage my guilt and then kick her out. Well to my mums for a while!
After this I am going home to chop down a tree. A pug ugly laurel. He thinks I am pruning it, I may just slip a lot we shall see. I should be clearing out the pond. maybe I should get Daisy to do it she owes me BIG TIME


La Belette Rouge said...

Is that the artist who did the Chicago bean? It certainly makes me think of it.

Good luck with the tree chopping!

materfamilias said...

Great photos!
And isn't it such a lot of work raising kids who are bright and have strong personalities!