Monday, 19 October 2009

Frieze Art fair

I am very lucky I know to be able to go to events like this. It was the most wonderful mix of Gallerinas Students and uber rich buyers from across Europe. A wonderful melting pot of people that yielded some rich and eclectic outfits. I have chosen my favourite 6 the rest are on Flickr (just click on the tag above right)
I have not even begun to edit the art work which was really good, though not as much photography as last year I did get to see some really good quality stuff.

By far the most amazing outfit, I could not wear it by it was almost a work of art in itself.

I loved the net inserts into the sleeve of this jumper.

Two Dutch Gallerinas, the Dutch were the best dressed there, although the British gave them a good run for their money.

Including Lady Helen Taylor. I loved the lack of body con, plus of course she was wearing the most popular coloured cardie by a country mile...grey.

This outfit was fabulous, the stripy sleeve under that mustard jacket was lovely but underneath she was wearing a lovely grey waistcoat.

More stripes, stripes were very popular.
The day was not without stress, no school trip is. Where there is pleasure there is always pain. I would have loved to have stayed longer but my feet were killing me, next year I will have a longer break in the middle and go back in later.
The rest of my weekend was unmitigated chaos. The plan was to borrow my sisters car and drive Mothers Sandra Blow to her before she moves next week. We (Emin and I) ended up getting locked out and after countless attempts to trace Daisy ended up getting back in 4 hours later. He took the brunt of the blame but trying to find a wandering teenager in Greenwich when she SHOULD have been working in the college was REALLY BLOODY ANNOYING. It is hard to stay angry with Daisy though, she is so ethereal and currently very poorly, and has been for weeks. In the end I just wanted to cry. So 2 hours behind schedule I drove to Oxford, got stuck in truly gruesome traffic, then, oh joy, having stopped for a coffee Leyla had a tantrum. I do not know how I do not end up in hospital with a heart attack, the STRESS.
I did eventually get to sit down to delicious casserole washed down with a bucket of wine. I slept like a log and on Sunday morning we then walked along the river past the boat houses into Oxford.
The day was idyllic, blue sky, leaves falling. To my right men playing football to my left boat after boat of rookie rowers get balled at by men on bicycles on the towpath. With a heavy heart it was home to quite frankly to he coldest house EVER. I ranted for a while and he finally put the heating on. That man has issues that's all I can say.
My poor sisters Sony Vaio has bust, memo to ALL of you, there are virtually no certified fixers of Sony Vaios in London, so Emin Prince of all that is IT says "BUY AN APPLE", that way they will fix it, they may break a lot but they fix them.


materfamilias said...

Despite the frustrations and chaos of your weekend, I can scarcely feel sympathy when I see evidence of such fabulous events in your life. I know you work hard to integrate this exposure to art, but still . . . Thanks for sharing it all -- the art itself and a sense of the wonderful atmosphere, fashion and all!

indigo16 said...

Oh there is more to come, and yes I deserve scant sympathy! But.....those girls would try the patience of a saint.

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