Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The view from here

Two exhibitions I REALLY want to see, but if I do not shift my butt PDQ I will miss them, I love Ivon Hitchens and these look really good, but it finishes on Saturday.

Ivon Hitchens at Jonathan Clark Fine Art

as does Lisa Milroy at Alan Cristea Gallery
I love Milroy's paintings, if I had the money I would spend it on Hitchens, but there is something so vibrant and refreshing about the way Milroy paints. Why I wonder has she never been nominated for The Turner Prize? Is she too accessible? Who knows the vagaries of what rules the art world.
I meant to write that I have applied for one of the posts for Arts Council Assessor. It is over and above my proper job as you only have to review 18 productions a year.
I surprised myself by writing a half way decent critical review on the Anish Kapoor exhibition. It was a bit wordy and academic for this blog, but it has proven to me that it is an interesting way to branch out from teaching. There are no interviews and we won't find out until sometime next year if we are successful, but it is a start.

Moi, at work today. The scanner is bleaching the colour slightly, this should look a bit darker. Practice should help.

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materfamilias said...

Congrats on getting that review written -- I'm impressed you could find the time!
And I'm really enjoying your sketches.