Monday, 5 October 2009

The view from here

Undercover Jun Takahashi, loads of my favourite shows out today but quite honestly they were pretty blah, uber disappointed with the Dries van Noten show and some of the other equally anticipated smacked of The Emperors New Clothes. I did like this show though, very pared down and simple. I particularly love that cocoon, shape. Yes I know you have to have a little height, but hey I have plus a little pot belly too which would be very nicely hidden from view.

I also rather like the tomato red tights, I wish I could, but really once on I know I would feel a tad silly. Maybe I will try.
Talking of tights, It's raining, we knew this day would come, but oh, my heart was very heavy this morning. So heavy I wore what I had on yesterday, oh the shame.
I keep seeing images from What I wore Today (the drawings) and since I find it so hard to take a photo in the morning I thought hey, I'm an art teacher, maybe I should give it a go. So folks I will try for this week, to post each day. No face as yet (I'm shy!)

inspired by what I wore today

As you can see I walked to school in shoes but whipped them off in favour of flip flops, my room is soooo warm. So I am putting off the tights for a little longer.
The weekend was dull, dull, dull, gym+dog walking+ cooking+washing+tidying+lopping of the Laurel, the bloody thing beat me hands down, I barely skimmed the surface before I retired with a sore neck and aching arms, oh the thrill of domesticity is endless.
I did however manage to wash it all down with a most delicious rose, you know the shell pink one? It was from the Ardeche region of France. Really very lovely.
Friday evening was a little more fuller of thrills. I had to deliver a cheque to Soho Square, the one that the school should have sent two weeks ago to pay for a school trip to the Frieze Art Fair. I had in the back of my mind a strong desire to see the Jill Sander collection for Uniqlo. I really wanted to go Thursday night but I am in the routine of walking to the leisure center with Kitty. If I did not go she would be upset and so I decided it was not to be.
So finding myself fortuitously near a branch on Oxford Street I went. After a 'Carry On' moment with the security Guard (Does no one speak English in the retail industry?) I got in. The collection was clearly sublime and clearly sold out in my size. Oh the pain. Still I dug deep and found my hat trick coat. I have always wanted something light to throw on whilst I walk the dog. I found it, It is fantastic, I have worn it everyday so far. It is lightweight, but rain proof beautifully cut with one of those great zips that goes both ways. It was £79 the same as 1 cashmere sweater or two wool ones. I tried on some size 16 trousers but they were cut way to big, I did also find a wonderful pair of jeans slightly too snug, but very stretch and beautifully dark. I wish a little bit that I had bought a black pair too. This is by far the best designer collaboration I have seen mainly because the cut and fabrics used are so good. I hope and prey she does another collection or at least get some more made.
Back at the chalk face today I am busy preparing canvases to paint. Last week was a great success apart from the thunderous headache I had after sniffing oil paint for too long. PLUS I am now able to post and comment at work, I know I shouldn't but I find it so much easier.


materfamilias said...

Oh, I love this new feature -- do keep it up!
And good for you getting yet another coat -- I have company in my coat madness. I have my multiples rationalized quite nicely, but I will have to use resolve should I see another that's "just perfect" -- I suppose there IS a limit!
I'd love to see that collection -- sounds great, and Jil Sander at a reasonable price?! What's not to like!

La Belette Rouge said...

Yes! More of what I wore today. Love it and I love the editorializing you do. Fantastic!

If I had oodles of money I would wear a whole lot of Jil Sander. I love the simplicity of her clothes. Not sure how they would look on me but if I had oodles of money I am sure I would be more fit and less fluffy!;-)

Liberty London Girl said...

What I Wore Today is so fabulous. I've only posted to it once, but I must do so again - even tho I have the drawing skills of a five yr old! LLGxx

indigo16 said...

I wish I still had the drawing skills of a five year old, oh to be so unihibited!

miss milki said...

I love your drawing for What I wore today. I did one last week and I'm planning to do more, its nice to do something different to outfit photos and its great for shy people like us are reluctant to show our faces! i didn't even show my body, it was a disembodied floating outfit! Maybe next time I'll be a little more brave! :)