Thursday, 1 October 2009

Spring has sprung

"C'est un peu de Yohji Yamamoto?
Well like father, like daughter. The following two outfits are from past collections, her work has passed me by, but no more. I LOVE that stripy cardie and the coat is divine, yes I know I am replete in that department, but it is divine.

Limi Feu

This is from Spring 2o10, but I think we have seen this look yes materfamiliasknits got there first.
The white shirt is something I love but struggle to feel comfortable wearing. I remember when I was just out of college, I was at an interview and we had to wait ages for them to make a decision and I was talking to one of the women and admired her shirt which was very similar to the one above. She told me she had designed it, pattern cut it and sewn it the night before! Oh to be that clever. I can cut trousers and tops, but was never good enough to master a shirt with a collar. That takes genius.

Odds and Sods from the other shows. The one above is Etro and below is Rochas

Last but by no means least the one, the only Marni. I always click on this show first as I LOVE her necklaces. Well a double take later and not one necklace. So as the rest of the world catches up with huge collars, Marni moves onto earrings.. Nope not my cup of tea but still it's different

Delicious coffee colours.
And sequins, all completely delicious, but just one thought Consuelo Castiglioni are you not even remotely interested in what your clothes would look like on anyone other than those with peachy skin? Surely half the fun of designing clothes is seeing how different colours, and textures work with different skin tones. Just a thought.


materfamilias said...

Funny, I always found sewing trousers (at least, ones with waistband, fly/zipper, and lined side-seam pockets just as challenging, if not more, than making a shirt collar -- although I never tried making a white, beautifully point-collared dress shirt.
All these stripes -- your want-meter must be ready to explode!

indigo16 said...

OK maybe sans the lining, but no, seriously I found trousers a lot easier than shirts.

indigo16 said...

And yes whilst you mention it my need for stipes never abates especially not when you shamlessly taunted me with 'that' dress today!