Thursday, 22 October 2009

Yes I know it's a cliche, but what a rainbow

I had to work very late last night, an annual obligation that makes it very difficult to wake up the next day. Whilst preparing for the open evening I looked up to see the most surreal light outside, then this rainbow appeared, as you can see I work very high up, yes, great views I know, but I preferred my previous one. I actually sit with my back to this window, if I faced it I would get no work done at all.
Yesterday Daisy finally went to the Dr's, she was apparently a day away from being admitted to casualty, (some kind of mother am I) however although she hates taking any kind of medicine, (she would normally try something homeopathic first) She has a very important presentation to do on Friday so she finally caved in and took the penicillin. Plus she was starving and had failed to eat since Sunday apart from milkshakes and hot chocolate.
Her illness has had unexpected bonus in that she has spent none of my money, I am over £40 richer for it which just about breaks even with the money she wasted on those bloody train tickets.
I have a whole day of meetings tomorrow before packing for Berlin. I know I am an ungrateful cow, but no matter how hard I try I just cannot get quite the frisson of pleasure from going there to if I was going to mmm.. Paris? Or...Venice. You know what I mean, for me the city is great but just lacks charm. Still I only had to pay for my flight, we are flat hunting so I may sneak a few candid shots in Sophie Calle style to keep my interest going.
If you have a while check out this project run by the Photographers Gallery. I have added some of my Cyprus images and if I ever get around to editing the photographers I took at Mothers I will add some of those as well. Joining a 'pool' on Flickr has been great for diversifying my audience. I have really enjoyed doing the drawings for the what i wore today pool as well. plus it has the added benefit of galvanising the right hand side of my brain. Try it you will love it.


Liberty London Girl said...

What I Wore Today IS fabulous isn't it?! LLGxx

La Belette Rouge said...

Berlin is supposed to be the "in" city of the moment. Look at you being on trend! And you have an extra 40 pounds in your pocket to spend while your there. Have a fantastic time!