Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Frieze Art Fair: The pictures

Wolfgang Tilmans
He was everywhere this year, obviously he has been very busy.
Walhead Beshty
Fed Ex
I just loved this idea. I often tell my students that the idea is 90% of the battle.

Vasco Araujo above and below
Just beautiful work, I thought the text above worth a read if you click on it you should just be able to see it.

The shelf on the Timothy Taylor stand, what I would give for a shelf like this at home.

Tacita Dean

Stephen Willats these 3 pieces were beautifully constructed.Sarah Jones

Rirkrit Tiravaija above and below

RAQS media collective
I would have bought this piece it is so clever and beautifully constructed

Lucia Koch

John Baldassari
Again he too seemed very prolific, which is a good thing as I really like his work. I think he has a big retrospective coming to London soon.

Joao Penalva
The text on this piece made it even more exquisite but I could not get a clear image of it.

Jane & Louise Wilson
This looks very simple, but it appears to use some kind of trickery that held peoples attention for quite a while. It has an almost Alice in Wonderland feel to it.
This was the only piece of work i have seen form this pair for ages.

Gert & Uwe Tobias

Gerhard Richter
This man is a genius, These very small images layered with paint were just gorgeous. Just one would bring me so much pleasure.

David Austin

Dave Muller I loved his paintings last year, this painting was even better.

Christina Mackie

Candida Hofer

Camila Sposati
Daisy is currently writing an extended essay on whether their is any scientific proof behind well known superstitions. I off course would have said that I was very much not a superstitious person, yet I continually use the phrase 'touch wood.' Plus many others besides. I will not use someones mane in vain or put new shoes on the table.
Yesterday I scientifically proved that where there is good something bad will surly follow.
Having been given the funding to do an evening class at The Slade, I then had my driving license stolen from virtually under my nose. it was in a an envelope waiting for me to post the renewal form. Someone obviously thought it interesting enough to pick up whilst I was paying for food in Sainsbury's. I wanted to scream. Why did I not post it first? Why me? Why did I even go shopping? Daisy wanted hot chocolate as she has tonsillitis, I went, why am I such a nice mum?
On top of that I had been waiting for 3 weeks for their train tickets to York to arrive. I asked everyday with no reply. So yesterday I bought more assuming they must be lost in the post. No, they had arrived, Daisy omitted to tell me she had it seemed no idea that I needed to know!Thank you Daisy for waisting £40 of my hard earned cash. So you see what is given with one hand automatically gets taken with the other.
Oh and even worse I went into COS last week and one of my coats was already in the sale. More fool me for going in and more fool me for thinking that buying something new in guaranteed a couple of months wear before the reduction. Both Gap and M&S do this all the bloody time and I can say that I very rarely shop in either because of it. So that's another shop gone in my repertoire. I have a VERY LONG memory.
P.S if I have mispelt any names I am but human, sorry. You can get a bigger and clearer view by clicking on the image.


materfamilias said...

Wow! Fabulous stuff -- and such an abundance of it. I would love to see that Jane and Louise Wilson piece -- seems very Borgesian, the whole library thing and the doors, layers and layers. . . I hope you switch back to good luck having the two misfortunes out of the way now (and hope it doesn't take too long to replace your driver's license)

Seth said...

Thanks for taking to time to post all these, so we could come along with you to the Fair!