Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A coat for Kitty

Well not a coat per se but I did it, I fulfilled my brief. It started very badly. We arrived in Bromley very early and withing seconds she was bristling with irritation. I went to Zara of course, her favourite shop I thought I found the perfect coat but it got short shrift and a frustrated and very irritated sigh before I caught her wandering into the children's department.
"Kitty you're too big for those clothes now"
"O....K....eeerr" by now she was limpet like, I suggested we visit other shops and whilst walking managed to ascertain that she did not want a coat, she wanted something waterproof, she did not want a mac or God forbid ANYTHING remotely padded. She can only wear blue or black so that rules out the two faux leather bomber jackets she has, so I asked her to describe in as much detail WHAT she wanted.
It had to be;
  • Shower proof
  • Long enough to cover her bum
  • No longer than her bum
  • warm, but not thick and bulky
  • have a hood
  • have lots of 'those' toggles that dangle down.
Ha, I cried you have just described a 'Parka', her face lit up with relief. I hate Debenhams but I do know they sell parka's so off we went, this was the second one she tried on The RELIEF I tell you was very, very great. LOTS of dangly bits, the right colour but lacked a hood, by now that was OK and unbelievably she got a slightly larger size since she is growing almost daily.
Anyone else need a personal shopper?


Looking Fab in your forties said...

That is really nice, I want one! but you can't really when your kids have something - can you?

materfamilias said...

I love the way you managed that interpretive process;-)
Shopping with teen-aged girls, I always found, was such a challenge because any item was a likely to trigger all their insecurities about their looks as much as it was to delight. A coat seems a safer item, but still, there's the need to match up with images they've collected without always having the language to articulate, as you say.
I really like that jacket/coat -- looks practical, but the collar lifts it beyond just utilitarian.