Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pulling myself back together again

A post in which I take my hat off to anyone who works from home. How do you do it?

I have elected to return to work tomorrow, yes it is too early, but quite frankly I am a little stir crazy here. As well as starved of conversation, I am unable to access the bulk of my files needed to work from home and so I end up pottering.
I walk the dog, cook, wash, fold washing, put washing away, you know the stuff dreary, dreary mundanities that need doing but stop me from sitting down. So I figured I would rest more at work, I can sit at my computer and bark instructions at the students as is my wont.
I was also quite shocked at how easy it is to slip into default slob mode. I do get dressed but pretty much in the same thing every day, by the time the layers have been piled on I gave up caring about anything other than being warm. This house has good old Edwardian glazing, I hate the thought of ripping it out for new windows, I have become very fond of the beautiful almost water like shadows the glass casts on the wall when the sun goes down. So we freeze for my aesthetic and Emin's one man crusade to save the planet.
The same sartorial sloth emerged after I had Daisy, you wander about trance like with no structure to the day, you go to bed realising that not only have you no need to remove your make up because your not wearing any, but worse still you didn't even moisturise. So I have taken my self in hand. I emptied my wardrobe AGAIN, I do this A LOT. I halved the contents, it is still full! and plan what to wear that what will comfort me and keep me warm for the next 4 weeks. Sounds sad I know but 6 am starts after 4 weeks off work is going to kill me and so I need not to think, but to just grab and go.
So far I have constructed 17 outfits that virtually do not replicate, shocking really and they mostly revolve around skirts, bring in the trousers and I could double that. It will come as no surprise that I don't need any cardies.... quelle surprise.. or knitwear of any description. In fact my list of needs as opposed to wants and desires is surprisingly small.
  • 2-3 heavy/floppy jersey tops, long enough to belt not so long as a shroud, black and anthracite would be perfect, but I am open to other shades. I need these to wear over at least 2 Uniqlo thermal tops and under the knitwear
  • A very very soft thin floppy belt. This one is a shock for me, I did not think I could wear belts having kissed my waist goodbye, but without wishing to brag it has crept back this last year, a combination of waist crunches at the gym and eating less because am bloody miles from the canteen at work.
  • 2 pairs of cashmere knee high socks, I have quite a few old tights that the feet have 'gone' in but the rest is still good I figured that I could cut off the bottoms and then wear with the socks. However plans were scuppered when even half price the Falke ones are £31! The problem is cotton feels horrible after 2 washes and wool is a bit too thick, although Daisy bought me some lovely men's wool knee highs from M&S which are currently doing the trick, so may just manages with them. Lets face it it will be spring soon won't it?
  • Finally and I wish to GOD I had taken some with me to Cyprus then I would not be in the mess I am now...Wellington boots. I am going to invest in some proper ones and will take them with me next year.
My list is small but the girls have plans to fleece me rotten over this weekend. Kitty is growing, it is SOOO annoying. STOP, so she needs a new coat. Leyla needs new shoes and Daisy wants a new phone, hey who doesn't?


materfamilias said...

That's a worthwhile project, halving the wardrobe -- I've realized that mine's too full by far. Most of it's stuff I still like but there are duplicates and there are also items that get forgotten for weeks and weeks. Suddenly today, I remembered that I haven't worn/seen a favourite mid-calf grey worsted box-pleated skirt -- where is that now? have to root through the closet to find it. . . . So maybe it's time for me to sort, as you are . ..

indigo16 said...

It is a very cathartic process and makes you wear a broader range of clothes, have a go.