Friday, 29 January 2010

The Leyla Monster

Chatting on the veranda with Turkan's dad
Whilst Daisy and Kitty enjoyed a traditional Christmas at home Leyla, to my surprise enjoyed 2 weeks in the sun without Internet, radio or television.
There appeared to be no children to play with in the village and there are certainly no shops for miles. It was to cold for the beach although we made it for one day, instead she had to make do with myself, an aunt and a really badly behaved spoilt cousin (20 going on 12)
The day we left she sat in the car and said she did not want to go home she loved it there so much.
I find it hard to believe that of an 8 year old, but she meant it. The village fulfils the needs that being at home cannot. Leyla LOVES to be outside, we would walk, play football and chat with the locals.
This image above is amazing because what you see is a child enjoying the company of someone she has never met and she is talking to him in her second language. I am so proud, although it has taken 5 Au-pairs and 4 long years to do it.
The gentleman she is chatting to is Turkan's father. Turkan lived nearby our old house in London and when Leyla started primary school she offered to drop her off and collect her with her youngest daughter. Turkan lasted less than a term, Leyla brawled with her daughter and was frequently uncooperative with Turkan. I found this mortifying especially considering how compliant my eldest two have always been with their childminders. In the end after a succession of favours with various other cousins had dried up the Au-pairs began.

Turkan's mother

Selvrinas's kitchen

When Selvrinas brought this baby rabbit into the kitchen in a bucket I honestly thought she was going to prepare it for supper! anything with a pulse is regarded as food and they all keep chickens, sheep, goats and rabbits to that end. Luckily she had brought it in for Leyla to play with.

Breakfast in the house

Leyla eating her favourite breakfast of peasant bread toasted smeared with honey from Kantara along with haloumi cheese, olives,tomato's and cucumber all grown locally.

On top of Kantara Castle
Before you go ahhh..5 minutes previous to this photograph they had just had a HUGE bust up, I was amazed she would even go near him. He of course is posing, he always, always pulls that stupid face and looks away from the camera.


materfamilias said...

You are a family of wonderfully strong and colourful temperaments, aren't you?! I love these photos, especially the one of Leyla sitting outside peacefully with an elderly neighbour! You deserve to be proud that you've managed to give Leyla the gift of a second language.
(and sorry, but do permit me one little "Ahhhhh" ;-)

indigo16 said...

Thank you, I wish I too could speak a language I always say it is a gift, but actually it is bloody hard graft and I currently do not have enough hours in the day.

Anonymous said...

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