Monday, 11 January 2010

I am slowly losing my mind....

I am currently coveting a maxi cashmere dress, I realise this is barely one degree of separation from a 'slanket' and will make me look like a yurt, but it looks soo lovely, I would show you a photograph but I am on Daisy's Apple and I cannot for the life of me remember how to copy and paste pictures, but I think she may find her home page is curiously defiled by a William Eggleston slide show!!

Times Emin I work soo hard from home Hassan has been down and pestered me? 5, it is not even midday.

We transferred our uber long bedroom curtains to cover the front door which was hemorrhaging 90% of the heat in this house, too ill to care I bought a set of curtains from B&Q which Leyla told me regale Phil Mitchell's house on East Enders, I am officially ashamed and blame the drugs.

The upside of staying in has been the lack of tumbles the downside has been I have taken no sweet icky pretty photographs, the nation sighs with relief, I know. Now where are those Cyprus photos? well I need to be sat at a proper desk with some natural daylight with my mind just a teeny bit sharper than it is currently so instead you will suffer the inane wittering's of a stir crazy mad woman.


auntiegwen said...

I think I saw that maxi cashmere dress in ...wait for the surprise... charcoal grey, maybe on The Guardian or The Telegraph online???

can you imagine how me at 5ft 3 (at best) would look in a cashmere dress?

I think we should both buy one and promise not to laugh at each other. And maybe start a club for middle aged women who keep buying grey knitwear (although I did buy a plum jumper dress in the Gap sale and I even got my horrid legs out and wore it with opaque tights)

Can you tell I'm supposed to be writing today and am messing about on the internets in stead.

Sorry for the huuuuge lengthy comment (and I didn't even tell you about the big plan for EBD's 18th I've been doing today) but get well soon and email if you're bored and need diverting :) x

La Belette Rouge said...

It could be a dress, a jacket and a robe and a snuggy. I say, if you love it, buy it! I do not believe you could look like a yurt. I think that is the drugs talking.;-)

indigo16 said...

Yes auntiegwen, that was the dress I have a grey cashmere cardie in the wardrobe yet to have the label removed so I dare not buy more cashmere or check my bank balance. Yes I too know very well how to prevaricate especially at home..

belette I promise you along with belted mac's maxi dresses really are best left on the pages of magazines, but oh can you imagine how they would feel?

materfamilias said...

I tried on a gorgeous grey cashmere Diane vonF dress on sale (50% off) on the weekend -- thank goodness it looked about as flattering as you suggest, or I would have had to make some kind of sacrifice to the Mastercard god . . .