Monday, 11 January 2010

Thank you

Thank you all for your messages you are all very kind and yes Emin has been surprisingly compliant having had a taste of life without me!, the girls took BOTH laptops this weekend forcing me to watch the tele' and catch up with some DVD's, well in the end just the one which was about to be on the tele' anyway so that was pretty pointless. Yes folks I am the one person left on this planet that had not seen Slumdog Millionaire. Kitty got the DVD for Christmas so finally I saw it, and heard about half of it as most of the dialogue fights Danny Boyle style with the soundtrack. Cinematography was excellent, beautifully shot and I think that, and the soundtrack carry the film.

My cannula is finally out so I can move more freely, but I am very sluggish and get tired easily.
I have spent far too long staring into space, as you do. I was gutted I missed the new +J launch at Uniqlo, yet after the initial irritation it is quite liberating not shopping, maybe I will break the cycle who knows. Do I NEED another cardie? NO, my bank manager must wonder what has happened as I have not used my account since before the holiday, I always let Emin deal with the money whilst we are away as his bank charges far less than mine for using card abroad, now I am stuck indoors and have, nor bizarrely been, inspired to shop online let alone even try eBay again.
I have indulged in a couple of glossies, my excuse is that Kitty loves them too so they feel less of an extravagance, slightly disconcerting to think about wearing less than eight layers when it is below zero outside, I guess it will happen.

I do desperately want to see the William Eggleston on at Victoria Miro, a gallery which is a triumph of space over location. Luckily for me it is on until half term so I can go then.
Because I dread January so much I made sure I had some things booked months ago, and so for my delight and delectation I have the following to kick away my winter blues.
  • 'Six degrees of separation' on at the Old Vic, this Friday with Daisy
  • 'Van Gogh and his letters' private view the following Friday
  • 'The Habit of Art' on at The National, a matinee which is my Xmas pressie from my sister
  • 6 whole wonderful weeks of evening classes at The Slade school of art, I am particularly pleased I booked them and better still got the school to pay as a reward for my awesome exam results. There is nothing, I tell you like the buzz of walking into art school and being able to work, even if it is just an evening class.
So that will get me through this month and then I will be wrapped up in the frenetic exam season until Easter.

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materfamilias said...

Glad you're starting to be able to be up and about, but take care to give yourself the recovery time you really need -- so tough for a mom to do that, I know.
I'm excited for you that you're taking art classes and excited for us that perhaps you'll take us along, vicariously, through a post or two . . .