Friday, 22 January 2010

What price a voucher?

William Eggleston now on at the Victoria Miro Gallery

One of the many problem when you take time off work, forced or otherwise, is that you still need to do the work. So I returned to a 2 week backlog, reports, exam preparation, to name but two. To this end I have been lashed to the computer catching up, very slowly. Added to this heady mix a bit of an overstuffed calender and I am struggling to keep up. Yesterday I was lucky/unlucky enough to have to endure a teachers exam meeting yesterday. All day incarcerated in a hotel near Old Street, bad, because they never answer the important questions. Good, because at least I get to have a good moan with all the other photography teachers about the ridiculous subjective marking photography in particular has to endure.

The very very good news was the hotel was but a 10 minute walk from Victoria Miro Gallery, or 25 minutes if like me you take a wrong turn back out of the hotel. This too had good and bad points. Good because the exhibition was brilliant, bad because it was so humbling, just when I though I had 'cracked it' I realise I still have a long way to go.
I then mooched back to the tube via Angel and Toast
seduced by a rather lovely necklace which time willing I will photograph next week. On the way I walked past this rather startling window, fuelling my desire to go back to my pre Christmas peeping tom ways!
Tonight Van Gogh, that is the good bit, the bad? Yeah, Leyla and Kitty are coming too...not because they want to see the exhibition, but to fleece me for a Pizza, as I have a half price Pizza Express voucher, the money saved of course will go towards drinking enough wine to numb the pain of those two brawling and then running to and from the toilets all night, which is quite frankly one of Leyla's favourite sports.
More laughable is that I am meeting my sister to see a play at the National Theatre tomorrow lunchtime and she emailed me to say we should meet ...yes you guessed it at Pizza Express because....she has a voucher. Oh Joy!


materfamilias said...

On the whole, sounds like more good than bad there -- oh, for the wealth of viewing opportunities you have there, wonderful!

magi said...

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