Sunday, 31 January 2010

Friedel Dzubas

Time for a break from photographs. I have just finished putting together 20 different thematic PowerPoint's in order to kick start the exam season which is now upon us. During my virtual travels I came across a Lehman Brothers auction catalogue, clearly flogging their extensive collection of art in order to balance the books.
What I found quite sad was the collection was really interesting. It was full of young talented artists and together came across as a really well put together collection. I felt it was a shame to split up after the effort that went into buying it clearly at a speculative level.
I wondered if the artwork ever found it's way onto any walls and if not how weird it must be as an artist to sell something knowing it will rarely be seen again.
My mother is always banging on at me to sell my work, yet it is that side that gives me no pleasure. The stress of someone picking fault I find so irritating, I am happier to put the work away for now.
My photographs are a slightly different story and if I had the time I would like to put the most recent ones into a book of some description but I am currently so into painting it may take some time.
Talking of painting how wonderful are these by Friedel Dzubas? Very spare yet perfectly formed.
images from here

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materfamilias said...

Yes, there's a kind of restrained exuberance in them -- the wide swathes of colour -- and what an interesting palette!

I'd love to see you put a book of your photographs together -- any of your series, especially. You know how much I love the one of the watchful beach mothers!