Monday, 1 November 2010

Kettle's Yard

Believe it or not it has been two years since I last made it to Kettle's Yard, it continues to delight and this is I think the first time I have not been hamstrung by members of my family. I still do not feel I cracked it but the weather could not have been better with late autumn sunlight streaming through the windows creating some wonderful shadows. The place is a continual source of inspiration I always leave buoyed up with the possibilities for my own home. I am amazed I did so well with these photographs the place was packed with visitors not that you would know, it was just a case of lurking until the right moment came.

I have been no slouch this half term and have managed to make a house into a home, Kitty said it has only taken 4 years! if only she knew what hard work it is when I am working against the grain of Emin. In fact I realised this was the first time I had been totally alone for well over 10 years, no au pair and a vanishing Kitty meant I was solo for close on to the whole week, not even speaking most days!

I have organised cleaned and tidied the house and with another week could probably have cracked the painting of the hall as well. Instead it goes onto my Easter 'To Do' list. My major success story was the semi completion of my 'room of my own' which is nearly ready, only it is so lovely I tend to just sit and gaze at my handiwork instead of actually using it. Time I squeezed my first tube of paint!

Meanwhile back at work I will be regaling you with stories of awesome exhibitions, a great play, playing dress up(...78 different outfits!! I think it is time to resurect what I wore today) and how Ikea managed to remove 160 of my finest English pounds with a sleight of hand that was quite frankly astonishing but very very painful.

I may also catch up with all your blogs by the end of the week...


La Belette Rouge said...

For a second I thought these were pictures of your house. It looks like the home of a writer on an island.
And, hey, are pictures of your Virginia Wolf room soon to be posted? I hope so! Congrats on making that space for you.

auntiegwen said...

I so want to go to Kettles Yard, I probably told you that after you blogged about it last time! and shamefully I've still not been and I only live an hour away!

materfamilias said...

Okay, I'm going to Kettle's Yard next UK visit, and that's that.
Congrats on getting so much done. I had the whole day to myself today, altho' it was a bit fractured by the leaking roof, and I remembered how much I've traded off to have the Mr. back living with me again post-retirement. All those dinners waiting when I get home vs. a house whose silence is only disturbed by my breath . . .

indigo16 said...

Auntie Gwen shame on you, having said that after 25 years I have yet to go inside Saint Pauls Cathedral! Or for that matter a myriad of other galleries. I think the closer we are to something the less likely we are to visit.

Belette if this was my house I would be weeping with joy, it breaks my heart that it is not but my room is close to completion and it is close as I can get to these as is possible in a box 6x6ft!

Do go I promise you will be smitten, Oh to come home to a meal and not the carnage of one only cooks to feed himself.

Johanne said...

What an inspiration! I must go see next time I´m in London.

I once wrote an article about a circle of friends who once a month all went home to one of them and did a cleaning/tidying/diy-job.
That way they got all those things done that are always put off. They called themselves the Cleaning Witches.

I´ve always wanted my own set of cleaning witches.