Tuesday, 14 June 2011

10 X I Like

Well for some reason the ever entertaining Belgian Waffle has requested the low down on my likes. Strange really, I was just lamenting the loss of being tagged, they are blogging gold for narcissist's such as myself. I can't think of anything more entertaining that blowing my own self satisfied trumpet! No seriously I do why else do I write this blog? So to the low down ,what can you newbies glean from this?

Well if you are new you may not know my list of well regurgitated givens that shape me.

1. Grey cardigans
you would think I would have grown out of that silly phase by now but on;y last Thursday was I fingering a lovely cropped cotton one in Noa Noa desperate to buy it but some how the thought of it joining 30 others just..just about stopped me, but it is still gnawing away at my Psyche so I am praying someone buys it by next week.

2. COS well what I can say ditto above, only the presence of my mother prevented me from buying yet another cotton shroud last week, the fact that I was going to bleed her for the meal later meant I could hardly rub a COS purchase in her face..could I?

3. House Porn, love it, if only I could live my life vicariously through the interior decor of others.

4. Bird song sad I know but is there a better sound?

5. London Yes, I did say these were old ones and pretty much half this blog is a love letter to the city I love most in the whole wide world, she may not be pretty, but she scratches all my itches.

6. Muse, no arguments THE BEST BAND EVER EVER EVER

7. Photographing flowers Since picking up the camera again I have failed to tire of this, and the introduction of apps has given me a whole new lease of life.

8. Tea & Toast has to be marmalade of granary bread, all washed down with tea in a glass, one of my weirder quirks is I like coffee in a mug, tea in a glass, marmalade on brown toast , apricot jam on white!

9. Spring THE best time of the year, now it's at an end I feel sad. SAD in the summer not good!

10.Cornwall Is there a better place to look forward to holidaying? OK, Hawaii might be up there too, but realistically.

New 10 X I Like

1. iPhone, a revaluation truly my life has been positively embellished by this gift.

2a Clinique Lipstick the best by a country mile for me and trust me I have truly been around the blog with lipsticks
2b. Liz Earle again no slouch in the beauty tart department I will trade up for the price of the above, but recently these products have taken hold and I am liking them a lot.

3. Travelling anywhere by train, since giving up my car I have been forced to use trains more and more and as I do I must confess to loving it, especially that view, no matter how industrial, framed by the window it will always have a sense of romance to me.

4. Desert Island Discs pod casts OMG seriously I just love them, what makes them doubly amazing apart from hearing peoples voices, (you can learn so much from a voice) what makes them perfect is the music has been cut for copyright reasons, they are so much more bearable once you ditch the Dylan!

5. Lomo & Hipstomatic apps just how much more fun does it get

6. Painting sadly not the walls of my house but on raw unprimed linen, just moving the oils across the surface gives me pleasure

7. Magazines, I can't imagine a single one of you has been with me for the full 5 year stretch, if you had you would think this was old news, but magazines and I had a bit of a falling out and they lost there lustre, it seems I was not looking in the right places and I am now very much liking quirkier publications like the amazing apartmento as well as some of the more esoteric glossies like POP

8. Photographing people, I never would have thought it but over the last 5 years I have almost shunned The View From Here to wholly focusing on capturing people.

9. Theatre, how high brow am I? Sorry, but I love it, never tire of watching the real deal.

10 Eating standing up....why? I really don't know but food just tastes better on the hoof! trust me the Germans are brilliant at it too!

Why are these paragraphs so spread out? WHY, WHY, WHY does this idiot blogger do that? It does it with images too. I love blogger to bits yet the simplest of things seem beyond it's capabilities, I spend hours backspacing! now a list on 10 dislikes that I can do in a flash!

So I know I need to tag one sensible one


And just for fun

The Sartorialist I just have this wonderful vision of him scratching his chin contemplating whether to list creases in his jeans V turn ups? Button down collars V double cuffs?


Claire Cooper said...

great Likes - must do something similar soon!

Badaude said...

You should try reading 'The Gentlewoman' - I'm a recent convert - and Bonne Maman fig jam (only the figues violettes, not the anaemic blonde version) or Le Pain Quoditien blueberry jam on toast - expensive but worth it.

(and thanks so much for dropping by The Tate this weekend!)

materfamilias said...

What a sumptuous photograph! I like your likes. . . and will try to get to a list soon, although things are ramping up with the wedding prep and we'll have a houseful of guests arrive tomorrow. Giggling at the idea of the Sartorialist taking on the meme.