Friday, 17 June 2011

iPhone fun

The view from the Tate Modern via a tilt shift app'. What I really love about all these gimmicky app's is you really do start to see London through a whole knew set of viewpoints.

The tide was out on Saturday and Leyla and I actually walked along the beach, I have never done that, sometimes it takes a child to make you see this place differently too.

Not an app' this time but a child's toy held over the lens.

an appropriately multifaceted image of Leyla who can be a little, shall we say, multifaceted herself!!

It has been a busy week of external moderation, the build up and wind down begins again next week for the A level.

My treat tonight is to see Betrayal, no one would come with me to see it, my sister declared she would rather stick rusty pins in her eyeball's and I felt it not a wholly appropriate play for a 10 year old. So as it hopefully will have Kristin Scott Thomas in, an actress I could happily watch read the phone book in her pj's I decided to go on my own.

No, the theatre is not close to any COS sales at all..... I may need some extra will power for that one!!!


materfamilias said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh. . . I'll come with you. Just give me a sec to comb my hair, change my shoes, oh, and grab an airplane. . .
You get to see Kristin Scott Thomas on the stage?! So lucky! (saw her sister in an old Buffy episode the other day -- such an interesting resemblance)
I love that photo of Leyla.

indigo16 said...

She was excellent, sadly a co star less so. I am very lucky to see her though.