Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The view from here

Gratuitous floral decoration

OK you have my undivided attention for a couple of hours, I appear to have lost a whole week somewhere, I finally realised it was June 21st yesterday, I truly thought we were on or around the 16th. Thar's a whole week of my life I've lost and have not a clue where. I last saw you Friday as I schlepped up town in the pouring rain. So those idiot journalists proclaiming from the media roof top A Drought Riddled Summer, I hope they rue that fuck up of a prediction. All they had to do was check to see when Wimbledon started, which if you throw in a slew of open air festivals including Glastonbury, you pretty much have a copper bottomed guarantee of rain, LOTS and LOTS of it too.
So too have joined the festival melee, by taking my sister to a concert in Hyde Park for her birthday. I normally go for something civilised but decided to play my 'still wish I were young' joker. So we too will be waist deep in the mire of mud, sucking flat cider through a straw and clutching the remains of a soggy hot dog. Sounds great, no?

After walking up to COS last Friday I lost the will to live and decamped to the bar for a bite to eat at Les Deux Salons. I was royally ripped off by the barman charging me double for my Martini. Bastard.

Dumb Bitch"A dry martini please"
Bastard Barman " Gin or Vodka"
Dumb Bitch"?"
Bastard Barman "Do you want a vodka martini or a gin one?"
Dumb Bitch " OK, Vodka"

Oldest trick in the book, Dumb Bitch asks for a martini, Bastard Barman upgrades it to a cocktail.
The food was delicious as usual, so I guess I shall look at it as a cover charge for staying dry whilst waiting for the play to begin.

I give Betrayal 3/5. Kristin Scott Thomas was excellent as was Ben Miles. The 'other one' was crap, I thought he'd forgotten his lines, but then I realised that was the way he acted. Pinter is never uplifting, but yet I am warming to his particular brand of duplicitous self flagellation.

COS? no, I spent an age trying on the whole shop. Torture no, but I did succumb to a mans T-shirt in an awesome indigo blue. It reminded me of Cornwall, where the sun never shines!,

Saturday I played shop my wardrobe, which was more fun than it sounds, as was pissing Emin off by failing to provide a cooked meal on the table after he had spent the entire day at his sisters house. I was quite cruel in pointing out that if he failed to communicate his desire for hot food then he only had himself to blame. Why should I play the 'marital second guess' when he never even tries?
He sucked it up like a trooper, which means he needs me to sign something.
I am now drowning in a sea of effing reports and external moderation and marking and, and and...
but guess what?


I got some tickets for the 'eventing ' at Greenwich next year



My sister didn't, so I feel wretched as the ticket was for Kitty plus moi, but maybe she will give it up for her favourite auntie!
The bizarre thing is I missed out on the football, how? Plus they were for Leyla who now has nothing, so I may try again next week. The whole thing has been a shambles really. Had it been like getting tickets for Richard II @ the Donmar WarehouseI would have done a lot better.


materfamilias said...

OMG, OMG, you're so funny! Truly, you crack me up. And your lost week exhausts me -- you cram so much into it!
Still v. envious of you getting to see KST, never mind what other (poorer) performances shared that stage.
So what are your tix for? I'd love to watch some of the track events, altho' I'm no kind of athletic spectator, at all.

indigo16 said...

Horses! yeah I will post why later.