Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chelsea Flower Show...The Artisan Gardens

When I first went to Chelsea it was all about the gardens, I have scrapbooks full of photographs and plans and leaflets, I was completely mesmerised by monumental scale of it all as well as the theatrical drama .It was also a much richer place in terms of the spectacle and volume of gardens to see. It is all very modest now, with just a sprinkling of gardens and even the pavilion had become quite sparse.
Luckily for me It's all about the people now and as I have found less and less to inspire in the garden I found the audience a richer source of inspiration and delight.
Two gardens this year were just brilliant. This one based on a Welsh seaside cottage was just a slice of heaven, with so much to see including a delightful drift wood fence decorated with shells.
It was inspired by Dylan Thomas's garden at Laugharne where I have been a few times and it's setting is beautiful.

The second garden resonated even more as it came all the way from Korea, and is based on an out house toilet, from the roof to small sculptural details outside it was divine and deserved to win one of the best in show awards.

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