Thursday, 23 June 2011

Toast and Tonsil Hockey

I completely forgot I had taken some photographs whilst being fleeced on Friday, but this one reminded me of the most surreal vision. So there I am sipping the most expensive dry martini in the world when I look up from reading my Guardian app, (best value app ever) I see a very well dressed woman, designer glasses, stripy top, expensive grey cardigan, two pluses on the sartorial barometer of taste and class, what more could you hope to measure a stranger by? Well let me tell you she was an absolute strumpet, the man made a move on her and they proceeded to play tonsil hockey whilst he was copping a grope of breast which lasted for ages, I honestly did a double take!
I am seriously getting old.

This sartorial creaminess was caught as I whipped around the BP portrait awards, most were as dry as dust and I will return later for a more leisurely meander. I can't see her .... well maybe she would, how would you know?

Toast is more a lifestyle than a style, the fabrics are weighty, the designs are chunky, but I do love them and wish my finances could stretch to them a little more often. If I break the COS cycle of profligacy maybe I could. This necklace is divine, it was reduced from over £200 but is still a lot of money, so I am going to try and make one. We are buying some gold ceramic glaze and I'm going to cast some pebbles before making them in clay. I reckon I can make it for £25, a hefty saving. I have however bought the following two in the sale, I love the beads they use and reduced they would not be much cheaper to make myself, plus is it not lovely to unwrap a package every now and again?

Moderation over I now have to prepare for some training sessions with primary school teachers, however come what may I'm going to get to the RCA degree shows next Wednesday and that will be fun, and I will of course be taking some surreptitious snaps.


materfamilias said...

Tonsil hockey! Having heard that expression forever. . . no photographic evidence for us?

materfamilias said...

Oh, I looked at the photo more carefully again, re-read your description of the female hockey player again, and I see we're one step from the evidence of the act. Ha! Hope her husband isn't reading . . .