Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The RA Summer Show

Silk tunic from COS over green silk combats by Great Plains with a very OTT necklace from Ghost.

Yes folks it's the annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, a jaunt I normally partake with little sis and what larks we have 1 Pimms and that girl will buy anything. which is how I get to go to the buyers day.

This year mother went and she too succumbed to a Joe Tilson print so no doubt she will tag along next year too. I would have liked an hour on my own but it was not to be and so I was far too easily distracted by the incessant attention seeking behaviour from Leyla who has to be the center of attention to the point that when I went through these photographs her bloody hand was in most of them.

No Photographs allowed!
But because you bloguette's are special I managed to snap a few surreptitiously on my iPhone

The audience is very glam.

The men are as gorgeously dressed as the women here.

It was heaving as per usual with many worn out before getting half way around.

Mt favourite dress of the day, how funky is this one and below I saw two! love the zip contrast.


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materfamilias said...

Oooh, fun! I always feel as if you snuck me in when I get to look through the photographs. Love to see the effort people put into an afternoon sussing out art.