Saturday, 23 July 2011

Another year goes by

I have broken up for the holiday, the summer holiday, not that you would know from the weather. I had such plans for you bloguettes I promise. So many ideas for posts, you would not believes my genius for publishing. I was going to regale you with stories coupled with bright witty commentaries about the life of a London girl. But guess what? Life got in the way. My home life takes up a shed load of time at the moment, I met Daisy for afternoon tea last week with her boyfriend, she wasn't quite wearing the dress she had on but as always she was a triumph of optimism over modesty. My daughter is the only person I know who will haggle her birthday money to a higher amount. Not for her the protestation of "But I paid for your fees, oh and your holiday" No she went for it big time, so that's me waving this months COS goodbye.
Leyla too is ever needy, I have to coach her daily and bless her she is very independent as long as back episodes of Friends are involved. If only Jennifer Anniston knew, that children who were but a twinkle in their parents eye when she was filming worship her from afar today.
Next week the idea was to be super disciplined, drop Leyla off at crammer school, then get to the gym, sadly I need at least one more day to prepare for school whilst my facile brain is at least in 1st gear.
With any luck I may just post a few to you too!

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materfamilias said...

As a huge Friends fan, I'm glad to hear the younger generation continue to appreciate it. . . .
part of my sadness of having the summer trickle away (without ever having really started here) is that I always feel that turn to fall as the demarcation of another year marked off, another year done, another year older . . .