Monday, 11 July 2011

The view from here

Boris Mikhailov

I should really call this post emptying the in box of flotsam and jetsam, these images have languished for sometime waiting for me to weaver a blog post around them. Sadly I never have so I will clump them together. First up the Tate Modern seems to finally be taking photography seriously, it has appointed a curator and some of the new wing is being devoted to exhibition, and even now there are many more rooms than before devoted to some amazing photography. Above are just a few from a series by Boris Mikhailov beautifully muted shots that I thought were cyanotypes with that dreamy pinhole look about them. The printing technique belies a content that focuses on the sadder side of life in Russia today. Mikhailov is brilliant at doing this and in a way the subtlety of the images draws you in before you realise the subject is just so depressing. It is this kind of image beauty from the beast that I will study for my MA.

Shikanosuko Yagaki

A discovery for me was the work of Shikanosuko Yagaki, I love Japanese photography, it has a wonderful abstract feel to it unlike Mikhailov, I like the distance the lens has from the subject and the lack of engagement.

images from here

The next slice of loveliness has no name, I lost it but I think it must be from, it is everything I want to be but can't, trust me it would take one door handle for me to hang myself and lose all sense of dignity.

This image is stolen from here

Leyla and I saw this art instillation in Berlin, YEAH, they looked amazing, what a genius idea. they had a different outfit on to this photograph but were mesmerising nevertheless. We also saw two girls wearing one dress, one walking forwards one backwards even down some stairs! Berlin is obviously very much a city of art.

Sohei Nishino

I saw these ages ago at the Michael Hoppen gallery, my favourite photography gallery in London, which is sadly off the beaten track. They do loose a lot in translation they are huge collages made up of tiny photographs like a great big patchwork quilt.

I would love to have bought Emin the one of Istanbul.

Now for something more quirky

Dalton Ghetti

from here

Andy Moore

from here

I am a sucker for all things Alfred Wallis and I love this collage mixed with text

You might be visually exhausted but my in tray is lighter, which is just as well as there is more to come!!

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