Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sometimes I just don't deserve it.

So the weekend is long gone, but the sting in the tail remains.

Friday I sat on my own like a little Billy No Mates at this bloody school BBQ whilst the rest of the parents cosied up and drank copious amounts of beer and wine. Over the tannoy the kids sang along to a myriad of karaoke tunes and that alone my little bloguettes was enough to send a sane man back to the asylum, as it was I laughed, there is something incredibly funny about small children singing out of key.
I survived, although I was frozen by the end of the evening as Leyla insisted i 'dress up'

Saturday my sister dragged me around some more houses, this time it was more fruitful and she has had an offer accepted, which is only the start of stress city, but hopefully her house hunting days are over.

I stupidly said Leyla could join me at the theatre that night since I had stupidly bought two tickets for A Woman Killed With Kindness, the clue as to it's main premise is of course in the title, but what I had not banked on was the lack of interval. Fidget does not come close to describing the tortuous writhing sack of snakes she became once she decided the play was boring. So basically after 5 minutes. Never again and really can you blame her? It has since garnered mixed reviews, although not an especially uplifting play I quite enjoyed it, the set was just awesome very, very beautiful based on a Hammershoi painting, it was sumptuous. I had plied her with a burger from Les Deux Salons too, just how ungrateful was that.

On a more upbeat note I have twice gone into COS and left empty handed, the cut and colour of much they are selling is not really very flattering on me, so maybe their day has come... well for now.

Sunday it was a promised visit to Harry Potter, before which I managed to finally get to the gym to keep at bay the expanding girth, this is really a bit of a King Canute thing because I am losing this battle daily.

Still, I do my bit and hope, so off we went and the sting in the tail was I dropped my iPhone and no the cleaner did not hand it back despite me begging he resolutely refused to even pretend to cooperate, even the manager just shrugged, I really wished it had a self destruct button the pain of knowing he would smugly be using it it the minute he left the building was unbearable, I had only left the cinema for 15min's before I realised. so of course I lost my temper and then cried like a baby. Emin took it surprisingly well and no more can I criticise Leyla since I am as bad as she at looking after anything. I should have known the writing was on the wall as on Saturday having bought Leyla a travel card I lost it before we even got on the train, part of the problem stems around the fact my stupid bag is full of the paraphernalia needed to cope with driving rain followed by searing heat. Hence it is full of an umbrella plus raincoats plus water and all the other detritus that follows me around. My second big mistake was to keep the phone in a pouch which protected it from a fall but meant I did not hear it fall out of the bag. So I think it safe to say that was one shit weekend.

No more nice Polaroids No more listening to Desert Island Disc podcast's ....
Oh yes Harry Potter is quite good.

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materfamilias said...

Damn! You were really enjoying playing with that iPhone, camera especially, and we were enjoying the results. I'm crossing my fingers that you'll come across a stash of money just the right size for you to buy a replacement model. . . .
Leyla's getting some great exposure to theatre, and she may even appreciate it someday. Reminds me a bit of my kids' once-upon-a-time complaint that they had to eat paella so many Sundays growing up while their dad worked out his recipe. Seems as likely to get sympathy as having been dragged to the London theatres to watch plays. . .