Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tate Modern

Back to the Tate Modern, this time with 38 teenagers, which went surprisingly well.
I remembered to take the Lumix, which is the most forgiving camera in low light and I managed to grab a few sartorial favourites.
The next few were taken in the Taryn Simon exhibition, really excellent and thought provoking as these images illustrate.

Sartorial Tate

Loved the length of her trousers and the raw edge of the hem, in fact I am often drawn to neutrals probably because I can't wear them myself very often.

Love the bags in these two images

Beautiful stripes

plus a few spots..

The best for last

I love that yellow, but best of all check out the uber trendy cloth bag bearing the exclusive Daunt Books logo.


materfamilias said...

Not just sartorially inspirational, these shots are so well composed, especially considering the conditions -- I'm assuming you're being a bit stealthy.
I really like the third one down, the woman with the red bag walking across the triptych.

indigo16 said...

I must confess to just a tiny little bit of self satsfaction as I too like the way I compose them, I love waiting for someone to cross a painting to create the mood or a sense of space. I like to think it took years of trial and error to take them at the speed I have to!

Seth said...

I love the Tate. And you have shown that the people watching there is every bit as interesting as the art viewing!