Thursday, 14 July 2011

Playing hookey

One of the few perks of teaching is that once all the exam classes are over a few gaps appear on my timetable that allow the odd jaunt up town. I would really like to prepare classes for next year but we are still without any timetable so with the RA showing a brilliant photography exhibition called Eyewitness and the Serpentine opening a new pavilion I decided to escape after break.
My sartorial reflexes were far too slow though and despite seeing some loveliness I only just managed to catch this one. All over London woman are wafting around in wonderful creamy chiffon blouses. Not compatible with my lifestyle at all but lovely to look at. What I liked about this photograph was finally a red pair of jeans that did not scream RED, they were a much subtler washed out colour red, cut to my favourite length. I am very unsure as to whether Julian Opie is not tainted by the brush of 'emperors new clothes' but I did like the way the image on the door played with the paintings in the gallery.

Finally a couple of sneaky shots of Matthew Day Jackson at Hauser & Wirth

he has, apart from some really interesting sculptures, created a living room which I would love to live in myself, replete with wonderful sisal carpet and sixties furniture.

The photography exhibition was excellent, Andre Kertesz in particular was brilliant. Serpentine was less impressive but I have not sorted the images out for that so will discuss next week.

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