Saturday, 5 April 2008

Best laid plans

My aim was to get up early hoof it up to the Gagosian for 10am to see the Howard Hodgkin show then hoof it back to Oxford Street to mooch with Mum round Selfridges. But no, Instead of a leisurely cup of tea I waste half an hour looking for Kitty's MP3 player (not found) I then rush up to the library to return a DVD to avoid a fine, but I am thirsty to I go to the station via M&S to get a coffee then walk briskly to the station. BUT no purse, so I phone M&S convinced I left it on the counter, but no and finally the penny drops, on the way out I stopped to read the news paper headlines and and it was then my purse was stolen. Now I never put my keys in my purse but today I did why? so no purse and locked out. My purse had little cash, one debit card and a few membership cards so unless the thief was an art freak he was only £4 better off. But the fear they would find out where I lived meant I had to change the lock. £60 for a man to break into my house in 15 seconds and change the barrel in 5 Min's is seriously easy money. I then drive the car to my sisters where she buys me a train ticket and we finally make it up town for a delicious chilled glass of Champagne and lunch at Arbutus, wonderful as always. After we spent well over an hour in Liberty's. The top floor is a treasure trove of fabulous ginky old furniture, a joy to wander around, so not such a bad day after all.

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materfamilias said...

They do say all's well that ends well, and I'm glad your day got better after its rocky start.