Monday, 28 April 2008

A lovely day

From Tabio, sublime.

just how 'on trend' can I be?

wearing this one today

and charcoal!

my favourite and all of them tick my Paris boxes well that's my excuse.
Daisy decided to stay at home this weekend, which surprised me as she generally cannot wait to get away from the house. She was half way through her Art/ Textiles exam and needed my advice, she knows I will nag/ push her to do what she needs.
I had seen that there was the Chelsea Art Fair on in the Town hall so we went on Saturday morning with the Au Pair (who managed to loose not one but two travel cards) The Art Fair was very good and I have made copious notes which I have left at home but I will be showing some of my favourite pieces this week.
Walking down the Kings road was very unusual for me, it is not my normal stamping ground, and yet was, when I first moved to London 25+ years ago. Then I would go every week, because the shop were all unique individual boutiques and so really brilliant for finding bits none of the other students had and of course top of my favourites list was the antique market which had some lovely Victorian lace undies which I was fond of wearing at the time.
Now much of the Kings road has become generic the usual Zara, Jigsaw, Lush, John Lewis etc but interspersed with the odd gem. One of my favourite shops is Tabio I love their tights they have fabulous colours and textures you find hard to get anywhere else, even Daisy’s hard to please heart melted at the socks section. 110 navy tights and a wonderful ribbed pair of sludge coloured Capri leggings were mine. Then I made the mistake of looking in Kew of course being in the Kings road they had a full range of XL knitwear as the local girls are so skinny they only wear XS, I was like a half starved child in a candy shop, everything fitted, the stripey tops, the cotton cardies, the total bill made me weep and so my tooth must ache for another month. The worst of it was because Daisy was with me it was then difficult to say no to her list of fripperies and so I ended up blowing a months spending money in one day. After the Art Fair we drifted over to Covent Garden via Satsuma great cheap Japanese Noodle barfor her fix of Cybercandy and Forbidden Planet and then home via the Alison Watt exhibition at the National Gallery. The pictures on the Internet do not do the paintings justice at all, they are far richer and deeper and not as photo real as they look on the web, they are so beautifully painted and richly layered. A lovely end to a rather expensive day.


La Belette Rouge said...

Love the texture and stripes of your clothing; I am craving cooler days, knits, and beautiful and expensive days that end up in the National Gallery.

indigo16 said...

I must say that 20/22 degrees is my perfect temp' Oh for a job in Hawaii!

materfamilias said...

sounds like a beautiful day, expensive, yes, but expansive as well. And those are great wardrobe additions -- on trend but oh-so-classic as well. Definitely Paris-worthy.