Friday, 11 April 2008

When they grow up

I realise there is a touch of 'Damien' about this photo! but it illustrates Kitty's favourite view, that of Parisian school children. Kitty loves children the younger the better and they were all back at school, here was a group of children peddling furiously round a square. You see them at all times of the day walking in crocodiles, it looks lovely, but I reflected that the french must bind the calves of the girls from an early age just like the Chinese used to bind the feet of their children all those years ago. Because how else do you explain there amazing ability to wear tiny skinny jeans tucked into the narrowest boots I have ever seen. They have legs like drain pipes with no shape at all. I suspect the lack of green space helps as you can't run around like normal children, instead they just potter in a sandpit instead. All female French school girls dress really really badly so again I assume they are all quietly shipped off to a Swiss finishing school where they emerge from their chrysalis mean, lean and ready to strike a pose, for pose they do 24/7. Kitty asked how on earth fat people got through the barriers in the Metro? I explained that there were no fat people in Paris. Fat people are quietly removed. So how does this city support so many bakeries and patisseries and brasseries and cafes and restaurants? it is just so unfair.


La Belette Rouge said...

All that walking keeps them insanely thin. In Paris I often walk 10-12 miles in a day. Here in the States I am lucky to get 2 miles a day in. I would walk many miles for the ability to eat French treats and still fit into skinny jeans.

Anonymous said...
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