Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Nick Hubbard

I love the whimsy of this jewellery and the web site is wonderful too.
I saw this jewellery in a shop in Narberth Wales, it is a small market town with a high street that is chock full of some really lovely shops, including clothes shops selling a mixture of Saltwater, Whitestuff, Joseph, Great plains. I wish more shops in London would do this kind of mix instead of the same franchises you see in every department store. One shop on Narberth high street had an amazing selection of jewelery, including Marie Walshe, Dower & Hall and Latham & Neve
All this is topped of by a wonderful Deli specialising in Spanish hams and cheese, we sat and had a delicious lunch washed down with a lovely rose... it all seems a long time ago now.

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materfamilias said...

Wonderful jewelry -- I want! I know what you're saying about how quickly a holiday fades into the past, though -- as quickly as my own trip is approaching now, I know that soon enough I'll be sitting here trying to remember it . . .