Thursday, 24 April 2008

Joan Myers

Janet's Feet--image size 23"x19", platinum-palladium print with watercolor.

As a woman recently turned fifty, I find myself less and less comfortable with the way American culture defines and portrays older women. I reject these cultural limitations for my own aging. I use my camera to explore possibilities, the messages and histories expressed in other women's bodies. I wish less to define than to reveal. --Joan Myers

None of my friends would pose for me. That was my first lesson. "My body is not beautiful," said one. Another delayed a shooting session repeatedly until she "got in shape."

A wonderful website


materfamilias said...

Alison, the photos of women of a certain age are stunning. Thank you for alerting me to them.

Kim said...

I, too, am a woman who just turned 50! Isn't it lovely?

Thank you for taking on this is needed!

And the feet are very stunning!