Friday, 4 April 2008

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes

I have spent too much. I was duped by the Decleor lady, I asked for a richer cream for my eyes, they are so dry, so of course she recommended one and when I payed I realised that one teeny, tiny, intsy, bitsy little pot of cream cost more than my face cream. Sucker!
I have bought some very sensible foot wear Havianas and Birkenstocks. Zara home do a very groovy faux snakeskin Birkenstock.
Finally a mac, the jury is out, but the girls gave it the thumbs up. Bless them they told me to belt it then recoiled in horror at the sack of spuds effect, so we settled for a tight belting at the back.
I spent a fortune on revision guides for Daisy, with Daisy its not if she will pass, but what grade she will get, she is bright but lazy, so time will tell if my nest egg will be paying her Uni fees.
Finally a Chinese take away for Kitty and I and a copy of Vogue, and my excuse? Its my birthday!


materfamilias said...

Sounds like you did the day up right -- Happy Birthday!

Akinogal said...
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auntiegwen said...

Happy birthday, and just like you I have spent a fortune on the bright but lazy beautiful eldest daughter s gcse revision guides

La Belette Rouge said...

Happy Birthday, Alison!!
I have tried Darphin, Decleor, and every other French eye cream. Nothing works like Avene.

miss milki said...

Happy Birthday even though I'm a bit late!