Sunday, 20 April 2008


The house

The books

The knick knacks

My bedroom

The wonderful Ladybird books

The comfy seats.
We came here 4 years ago and it was like stepping back in time, the house appears frozen in the fifties. The feel of the place was like our Grans house very worn and lived in. we went again 2 years ago and it was again perfect. It was like the owners had just popped out. This year the atmosphere had changed I cannot put my finger on what exactly, whether it was because Daisy did not go, or our Niece turned into a 13 year old monster, I cannot say what exactly was missing, but the sparkle had gone. Nevertheless we had a lovely time despite the cutting Easterly wind, lots of pints in the pub and long walks by the beach.
Home and all my daughters are back, so is Emin with a very young nervous Au pair, 19 years old never left home or been on a plane and she is home sick already. Thank God for web cams!


materfamilias said...

Good to have you back again and I'm glad your break was relaxing. Too bad your home-away-from-home had lost its magic, but it does look lovely.
Hope you don't mind that I've borrowed your bikes-in-Paris shots -- I credited you and linked to that post.

Rollergirl said...

It's gorgeous...where is it???

indigo16 said...

Pembrokshire, Wales, from pembrokshire cottages I think

Rollergirl said...