Monday, 16 June 2008

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman’s Bus Riders 1976/2000 are a series of photographs that feature the artist as a variety of meticulously observed characters. The photographs were shot in 1976 but not printed or exhibited until 2000 and are among the artist’s earliest work. Sherman uses elaborate costumes and make up to transform her identity for each image, but is photographed in a sparse, obviously staged setting with a wooden chair standing in for the bus seat.
Cindy Sherman is photography teacher gold, a real inspiration to students. This body of work was new to me and I enjoyed the images very much, I wonder however whether in this more politically correct/sensitive climate whether she would still do them in quite such a crude fashion.


La Belette Rouge said...

I love Cindy. And, really, I found her so inspiring that for a brief time I considered becoming an artist after first being introduced to her work.

I find how she explores the idea of constructed identity and the construct of the feminine to be the most interesting. I am a huge fan.

I have never seen these photos before. Thanks for posting them. And, to answer your question, I think Cindy is fearless. And, I think the more PC the climate the cruder she would go so as to compensate for the culture.

indigo16 said...

Yes, I think you are right. I would love to listen to her talking about her work.