Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Haberdashery London

Wonderful windows from Selfridges
‘Infini-sceno-matic’ - our concept is a wacky race for the people of London!
The ‘rules’ of physics are thrown out the window as a rich montage of characters from all walks and stages of life speed through the streets, skies, underground and even waterways of London. Top-hats, and picnic hampers, cravats, spats and cucumber sandwiches make it always ‘Pimms-O’Clock’ throughout the race. We see our eccentric characters travel on vehicles almost ‘other worldly’ in their use of reclaimed and mismatched Victorian engineering. The scenery is a multi layered montage packed not only with our ‘wacky’ racers but with some more subtle pop-culture references unique to the urban jungle of London. The densely packed scenery of this truly amazing race will be constantly changing on a never ending loop via the amazing ‘Infini-sceno-matic’ technology. Inspired by the ‘moving waterfall’ pictures that grace the walls of Chinese take-a ways across the capital, the infini-scene-o-matics will feature layers of constantly scrolling visual content; showing a cross-section of London featuring our wacky characters on their daily commute... and views from inside the vehicles themselves!

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