Saturday, 21 June 2008

I heart Chanel

So right

Sadly, so wrong

Last week in a hurry to get back to work, I rushed into John Lewis and asked by name for a refill for my Chanel compact. I asked for the wrong one, but needless to say tried it before I realised. The obvious sign it was the wrong one was the shape. It was a rectangle not round. That did not warn me and so smearing a dry powder across my face I then finally realised that it was the wrong product and it was NOT going to be any good. Panic set in when I realised I had extracted the last skerrick of colour from the compact. So I was faced with going to work 'naked.' Then I remembered that on a previous visit I had blagged some samples, one of which was a creamy foundation. I scrabbled around my bathroom basket and found them. Bingo, I initially put far too much on, a little went a very long way. I eeked it out until Friday when I would get the chance to replenish my trusted compact with the correct refill. But guess what? by the time Friday came I was so in love with it I bought a bottle of it instead of the compact. I think its called Mat Lumiere. The girl in House of Frasier was sooo nice when I told her what I had done, she gave me another handful of samples. The eye cream is looking very promising!

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