Monday, 30 June 2008

Up town again

My sister bought a print from the Summer Show by Fiona Watson
Her work is so delicate and her website is a visual treat. I am jealous, but I do have a lovely collection of kids instead!

Upstairs at the Royal Academy is this beautiful exhibition of paintings by Vilhelm Hammershøi
They ooze a serene calm from every pore of the canvas. They evoke the atmosphere of those cool light airy Scandinavian interiors, a must see if you can.

I met my mother and sister at the Royal Academy on Sunday so they could see the Summer exhibition I sat and watched Leyla playing outside in the water fountains. Whilst I went round the Hammershøi with mother Leyla entertained my sister with a song and dance routine which elicited spontaneous applause!!. Next time I will make her walk round with a donation tin!


seth said...

Fiona's work (and her website) is spectacular. Thanks!!

auntiegwen said...

I used to have a print that really reminded me of the scandanavian one. I think it was called " Promenade a Skagen" by a ? Danish artist called Kroyer.

I too love the serenity and simplicity of them

indigo16 said...

Gwen, Ive googled him and yes they look lovely.