Tuesday, 17 June 2008

T Shirts the holy grail

Metalicus. The Australian label is launching in the United States this fall….who will appreciate the brand's singular two-way "Bodytight" knit both for its infinite scrunchability and the fact that it never looks wrinkled on the body. (Via Style.com)
As a woman of a certain age I have finally called it a day on the strappy camisole top and cardie combo, (unless the temperatures go very high) I have started to collect a more modest series of T shirts, or to be more accurate tops made of jersey. The traditional high necked T shirt is not a good look on me. I am better with some breast bone exposed. But trying to fine well cut jersey tops that are not 25% elastaine is a nightmare. Last week I went into H&M and tried on 6 T shirts, I am approx a size 16 on top, as I have a very broad back, but even a size 20 hugged every single roll and dimple. What was especially sad was that the colours were lovely, as was the cut and style. So why do they put so much elastaine in? Is it so that they can eek out some very cheap jersey? I do not think the sausage in a skin look is good on any one of any age. Yet if you go to shops for ladies of a certain size their T shirts end up looking like a shroud. I have finally found salvation in Jigsaw, as usual, lovely colours cut on the loose side, but hang beautifully. Zara too very occasionally does them sans Lycra, but I feel I have become a one shop woman. The above piece came via style.com I wonder if the "two way" thing would stop the jersey clinging limpet like to my curves. Sadly I can not find a stockist in the UK although they are here somewhere. And so the search will go on.


materfamilias said...

I know what you mean! Over here, The Gap had some non-Lycra'd but nicely-fitting, v-neck Ts, but they are definitely summer-casual. I'm really annoyed at myself for only picking up the white and the faded denim -- nothing better than a white Tee in the summer and nothing more likely to collect soya sauce or watermelon drops or a splotch of barbequed chicken. I should have got 5 (they were so cheap, and now they're gone!)

Rollergirl said...

How funny, that article caught my eye too...I'm sure it will be covered in great detail in one of the summer US Vogues. They're bound to do an in-depth multi-pager on The New Tees, non?